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March 17th
Yesterday Sophia and I had our first official “case”. We were asked to bring 12 year old Omar, blind on one eye to the doctor to see if anything could be done to save the eyesight of his other eye.

He and his family are from Syria, they arrived in the Bekaa 3 years ago fleeing war in Syria. He had no medical treatment since.

We were hoping for his second eye to be saved, but the doctor told us, that his eye problems are most certainly due to a toxoplasmosis infection during pregnancy and it was/is lost irreparably.

Better nutrition may help Omar on the long term to walk more securely and make his live better.

Here in Lebanon we are cooperating with our partner organization Salam. Cases like Omar’s is just one out of many, that’s reported to Salam. We will share more details as soon as we arrive home.

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, HELP and GENEROUS DONATIONS, without you all, we wouldn’t be able to do our work.

March 25th
Yesterday we were called to a case in Baalbek by the vice mayor of Baalbek himself.

He had learned about a family in a very precarious situation through the TV just a few days before and hoped, that we could be of some sort of support for him.

We found this family in such an unbearable situation that we will not show or say anything more about them but instead show you some pictures of our visit of Baalbek.

We do believe that we will be able to help in some way. It is a Lebanese family with no small children, that’s as much as I can say. It is and will always be our mission to help, when and where ever our help is needed. No color, religion or race matters.

If you want to know a bit more about Baalbek, click the following link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baalbek

March 26th
Our trip is coming to the end. 2 more days and Sophia and myself will be flying home via Beyrouth and Istanbul to Cologne.

We have had an amazing time, learned, seen and experienced a lot about humanitarian work in Lebanon. As time comes we will answer all the questions you may have.

For now we just want to let you know that volunteers are urgently needed here. For at least a month or two, that would be best and no shorter than 2 – 3 weeks. If you’re interested please contact me via PM. Arrival should always be planed for the first or the 15th of the month.